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Get paid to write fan fiction: Using Kindle Worlds to break into print

Even in a world of outstanding options for self-publishing your work such as Smashwords and Kindle Direct Publishing, breaking into print can be daunting to unpublished authors. You may have been writing and publishing fan fiction for years, but actually putting your work up for sale causes a great swelling of anxiety. Maybe you think that because of the huge surge of eBooks on the market that you will be lost in the crowd and no one will buy your book.

Vampire Diaries has a rabid fandom of both its novels and the show on the CW. Now fans have a shot at writing fanfiction that can sell on Amazon's Kindle Worlds platform.
Vampire Diaries has a rabid fandom of both its novels and the show on the CW. Now fans have a shot at writing fanfiction that can sell on Amazon's Kindle Worlds platform.
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With Amazon Worlds direct publishing platform, you can earn money for writing stories set in the worlds of your favorite authors.
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Well, what if the book you were writing only required the skills that you have honed for years writing for your fandom? What if there was an already motivated fan base lining up and impatiently waiting to read your book? It may normally be against the law to sell fan fiction, but thanks to Amazon there is a way to write within another author's mythos and deliver your stories to their fans.

Kindle Worlds is a fan fiction publishing platform that licenses the rights from the authors of popular fiction in return for splitting the royalties with the writer who creates stories set in their worlds. This benefits the Author financially, as they get half of the 70% that direct published authors get. This may seem like a raw deal to the writer of the fanfic at first, but the benefits are manifold. The importance of having a ready-made fan base cannot be understated, and Amazon markets the Kindle Worlds titles alongside the author's own works. The hardest part of Kindle Direct Publishing is marketing an unknown novel. Publishing in the Kindle Worlds imprint will give you a huge advantage out of the gate.

While the options for writing within a Kindle World is restricted to the works of authors who have licensed their properties, some of the worlds available for your fictional exploration include some very impressive brands in popular entertainment:

  • Vampire Diaries is one of the most popular of the Kindle Worlds because it is still one of the CW's most highly rated TV programs as well as being a popular series of books. If you are a fan you may be able to see your debut in print catch on with its broad fan base. Other popular TV fandoms with TV tie-ins include Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl.
  • For fans of comic books Kindle Worlds has licensed characters from Valiant Comics large library of characters. Typically geared more to the mature reader than Marvel or DC, Valiant's heroes lend themselves to sophisticated fiction. Bloodshot, X-O Manowar , and Shadowman are among the popular four-color characters that you could bring to life in your work.
  • Lastly, the estate of Kurt Vonnegut has licensed his works of one of the 20th century's most influential writers. If you have always wanted to expand on the fractured life of Billy Pilgrim from "Slaughterhouse 5" or the further adventures of any other of Vonnegut's huge cast of recurring characters this is your chance.

With a rich cast of characters and story ideas available, you will find that it is easier than your think to turn your fan fiction into cash. Kindle Worlds may be a new author's best opportunity to break into print. It is a great start and a potentially lucrative opportunity for the right writer.

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