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Get paid to watch and report on sports right here in Chicago

Jobs in sports are very few and far between. But if you live in the Chicago area, you're quite lucky. Northbrook based STATS, is hiring. One might ask, what is STATS?

STATS is a sports content and information site, serving primarily as a statistics company covering the entire world of sports, covering more than 55,000 sporting events per year. You  name it, they track it. Everything from HRs, TDs, 3 point shots, to the more interesting statistics of broken bats and hit pitchers. Their information is used by major sports broadcasters, professional sports teams, fantasy sports websites and many more. One might ask, how STATS does this?

Right here in the Chicago area, STATS has a team of Statistics Analysts, Data Collectors, and Programmers that are the backbone of their product suite. This team spends hours watching archives of sports events and tracking statistics in current sports events. This simply requires human eyeballs.

How might one  find out more information on working for STATS? Visit STATS' Careers page

According to job listings on STATS website, current openings include:

  • QA Specialist
  • Data Collector
  • IT Director
  • Web Developer - Fantasy Sports
  • Database Administrator
  • Computer Programmer
  • Reporter


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