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Get Out The Box And On The Board

Source: Pinterest

There is a new player in Social Media, and engagement has been growing exponentially. The new (two year old) platform uses boards instead of walls and allows users to post pictures, instead of words. The platform is Pinterest.

The best way to describe Pinterest would be to compare it to other well-known social media platforms.

  • LinkedIn - Focus: Your Profile; Network with Connections; Heavily used for professional networking and interaction.
  • FaceBook - Focus: Your status on a wall; Network with Friends; Used to share personal and professional stories and updates.
  • Twitter - Focus: Mini-status updates; Network with Followers; Used to provide quick updates and tidbits in 140 characters or less.
  • Pinterest - Focus: Photos (Pins)on a Board; Network with Followers; Where a picture is worth a thousand words.

This two year old social media site is experiencing a tremendous growth spurt, having grown by 7million users in 2012-to-date, according to Experian's Hitwise. Is it the 'next big thing'? Well, that remains to be seen, but it is currently ranked higher than Google+, sitting in the Top Five, along with the platforms described above. Large corporations are also finding ways to use Pinterest as a part of their marketing strategies.

So how can you use Pinterest to connect with others for your business or personal use?

  • Use it to create a picture with stories about your business, your vacation, or anything else special that you want to share with others.
  • Categorize your favorite things - books, tools, people, companies, recipes, etc with others.
  • Leave a lasting impression on your followers (remember, a picture is worth a thousand words)
  • Use your imagination! The sky's the limit. Well, that's not totally true. There are guidelines that must be followed

Feel free to share some ways that you are using Pinterest.

Keep It Moving

Tiffany L. Lymon


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