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Get out of your rut and jump back into fitness

Jumping into fitness
Jumping into fitness

The number one excuse for not working out or adhering to an exercise program is “Not Enough Time”. Technology is right at our finger tips along with many unhealthy daily dietary meals and snacks that are high fatty foods which allow us to sit right in front of your computer and search our favorite topics or play our favorite games. The media has helped us in so many ways with the research and tools that we use to acquire everyday information, but it has left us in a place of obesity. Both men and women deal with a lack of motivation that derives from depression or anxiety which results in the lack of adherence to an exercise program. Our sedentary lifestyles have taken a toll of us and now we are at the time where we need to get up and get healthy through health, wellness and exercise. We have everything right at our finger tips and so many of us forget what it is like to be out in nature and do what we need to do to survive and make us motivated.

Here are some simple tips for becoming more motivated in health and exercise:

Find a work out partner: This can be a friend or family member that can work out with you in your fitness studio or find a co-worker or partner to work out with in order to keep each other accountable. Realize that not everyone can work out at the same time or they might belong to a different gym.

Quotes: Find a quote by your favorite hero, celebrity, politician or athlete and cut it out and paste the quote on your refrigerator or around the house. This will allow you to be inspired and create that motivation within health, wellness, and exercise.

Nutrition: Your diet is everything, and it is known that taking in 5-6 cups of fruit and vegetables every day is essential in being in a healthy state. Taking in 2-3 times as many fruits and veggies, such as 10-15 cups, will give you the nutrients and antioxidants to help prevent most cancers and will create energy. Another key component with nutrition is receiving other vital nutrients that will make you sustain energy such as Vitamin D supplements which will help with motivation and energy, and Spirulina which is a high antioxidant that is blue-green algae that is loaded with phytonutrients and will boost energy.

Set The Clock: Set a time to work out whether it is before work or after work, but get it done and make no excuses. Lay out how many days a week you are willing to work out and fulfill these sessions.

Stand Up & Kick Health Into Motion: Always promote health, wellness & exercise to everyone in your community.

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