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Get out of the rut of poverty consciousness

Roses or Thorns?
Roses or Thorns?
Donna DeVane EarthMotherSelfheal

More people than not live in a rut of poverty consciousness. Behaviors and expectations have been formed based on thoughts which have proven themselves to be true simply because they were believed to be true. Over a period of years similar thoughts have formed a pattern of belief which has given way to certain expectations and the expectations have given way into life experiences.

Over a lifetime of 30, 40, 50 years your beliefs about life become entrenched into your subconscious. No longer do you think about what you believe you are just reacting to what you have experienced before and with great certainty more of the same is brought forth. This is the problem with poverty consciousness, it always gives way unto more of itself. Case in point; recently an elderly lady who had for years been wanting to make angels and sell them online told of her concerns with doing so. She's retired and draws security and because her income is so minimal she is not allowed to make any money or she will lose their Medicaid. She is afraid that if she makes any money she will lose her Medicaid benefits and then if she gets sick not be able to pay her medical bills.

Rather than thinking in terms of; I will enjoy abundance and prosperity enough to purchase my own health insurance or, enjoy health in my physical body; thoughts of poverty prevail. This is, in some form or another common thinking amongst most people. Rather than thinking in terms of the wonderful things that could happen and living life moving constantly towards those goals, most people fall into the rut of thinking sickness and poverty. Poverty consciousness is the child of fear, and has many siblings; sickness, misery, and loneliness. Not living one's life fully in anticipation of abundance of prosperity is always linked to fear of loss. Just as the lady in the above story was afraid of losing her Medicaid rather than thinking in terms of the great abundance that she could make by following her dream, many fail to follow their dreams for fear of losing their health insurance, their retirement benefits, or falling out of favor with family and friends.

Fear is a terrible taskmaster always willing to give another excuse masquerading as a reason for not living life fully and joyfully. Fear of failure, ridicule, and criticism of others keeps most people anchored in the rut of poverty consciousness. Moving from poverty consciousness into prosperity awareness takes only the effort of new thoughts held within your heart and mind. Fear, like darkness giving way to the light, moves effortlessly from you when you allow thoughts of abundance and well being to flow. It is not a struggle or a battle you must win. The only battle is fought in fear, not in the light of awareness.

Discover the power of thoughts in line with what you would really rather experience. Hold onto them with great love and anticipation of good things. As you practice a new way of thinking and interacting with Life, Life will deliver you more good to enjoy.

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