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Get Out and Adopt

This is one of my dogs, Abbie
This is one of my dogs, Abbie
My own photo of my Dog

With spring just around the corner, local shelter organizations are promoting their adoption drives, to help pets of all kinds find healthy and happy homes. There are over 30 shelters in the Columbus area alone, so not being able to find one is not an excuse.

If you are looking for unconditional love, and happiness, then look no further then your local animal shelter or rescue. Local shelters do not just have dogs and cats; some have various other animals such as rabbits, ferrets, and birds. So if you are something that is not much of a dog person or a cat person, but you love rabbits, then check out your local shelter. Statically speaking pet owners treat their animals as if they are their own children. Just check out these statistics from the Human Society.

Cat and dog owners feel strongly about the role of animals in their family.

• Nine in ten pet owners surveyed say they consider their pet a member of the family.

• 63% of dog owners and 58% of cat owners surveyed said they give their pets presents at Christmas.

• Americans spend about $5 billion on holiday presents for their furry friends.

• 40% of dog owners and 37% of cat owners hang Christmas stockings for their pets.

• 36% of dog owners give their pets presents on their birthday, as do 20% of cat owners.

• About one quarter of both dog owners (27%) and cat owners (23%) sign their pet's name on greeting cards or notes.

• 64% of surveyed pet owners said they include news about their pet, and 36% include a photograph. In their holiday cards.

• About 27% of pet owners claim to have taken their pet to a professional photographer to have a picture taken with family, Santa, or the Easter Bunny.

• About a third (37%) of dog owners and a similar proportion of cat owners (31%) have their pet's picture prominently displayed in their homes, and 14% and 10%, respectively, display it at their place of work.

• About 10% of both dog and cat owners carry their pet's picture in their wallet or purse.

• In about 20% of dog and cat households, the TV, radio, or stereo is left on when the animals are left alone, presumably so they don't get lonely.

• 16% of dog owners and 14% of cat owners claim to have bought a car or home with a pet in mind.

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I would have to agree with these statistics, I myself am one of those people that feel this way about their pets. You don’t have to attend local adoption drives, to be able to look or even pick out your new family member. Most shelters and rescue groups have WebPages that you can see available adoptable pets. You can also go to the local shelters or pet rescues in your area to look around and see if any of the animals there touch your heart.

For a list of local shelters in your area you can go to:

Get Out and Adopt!!!!!!



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