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Get organized: Celebrate National clean off your desk day

All the people that go to work or work at home most likely have a desk or work surface of some sort at their disposal. On this surface is usually an in and out bin, a telephone, calculator, a picture frame with the family, computer as well as a pad and pens and pencils. At least that is what you usually start out with when you set up your work station.

The desk was cleared except for the cat...she still hangs out there!
Mobile Holidays Examiner / Beverly Mucha

Over time a collection of other items seem to appear by magic. And we’re not talking about files dropped on your desk from your boss or co-workers. We’re talking about clutter. Lots of notes, post-its, newspaper clippings, a story book reference books or manuals, bills, receipts, knick knacks, snacks, wrappers, coffee mug, water bottle and who knows what else.

Your desk seems to be the place that everything seems to find its way to. Today, Jan. 10 is “National Clean Off Your Desk Day”! We all are guilty of having a messy desk from time to time. Or we just don’t have the time to file things away saying we’ll get to it tomorrow and that day never seems to arrive either.

Today is the day to take action and move all the old useless notes to the trash can and file all those receipts, cancelled checks and manuals and put them in their proper places. Once you have cleared all the clutter away the desk top which hasn’t been seen for a while really needs a good wipe down. Once you’re done you will feel better about yourself and have a place to put things on your desk to work with without having an avalanche of papers topple down over what you are working on or make a splash on the floor.

Now that your desk is ship shape try and minimize the items you place on your desk so it doesn’t get out of control again. Set a time or day each week to organize your papers and file things away, recycle items that shouldn’t remain there and shred all those documents that can’t just be tossed in the trash can.

Clear the clutter, get organized and enjoy a neat desk while celebrating “National Clean Off Your Desk Day”!

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