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Get on tapas this Tuesday

Mojito or Martini? You decide at The Continental!
Mojito or Martini? You decide at The Continental!

Now that last week's freak snow storm is *almost* officially history, the temps are warming back up outside. Its a perfect day to break out that pedi, head down to east Locust, and get on "tapas" of your flirting game. I'm talking of course about The Continental, which if you haven't been there, is a fantastic spot to find cute singles, amazing drinks, and fantastic tapas.

Unfamiliar with tapas? Put plainly, all that it means is basically appetizers, or finger foods. The Continental just happens to offer a wide variety of tapas selections, and some great deals during Happy Hour, which you can find Monday-Thursday from 4:30 to 6:30 pm. For $3.95, $4.95, and $5.95, you can choose from delicious choices like chicken and chorizo skewers, blue cheese crostini, or pomegranate pita points.

While you are enjoying your tapas, take a look around--The Continental has an upscale, yet cozy feel inside. You can grab a spot at the bar, or choose from a booth close to the front, or a table closer to the back if you have a larger group. The mojitos are considered some of the best in the city, but if you aren't into mint, go for the cappucino martini.

If you get to The Continental about 5:30, you'll have plenty of time to enjoy the Happy Hour, and also thats about when it starts to get busier. To maximize your flirting potential, definitely put on a cute skirt before you head out. After all--it is a beautiful day out there! So go and get on tapas!