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Get OFF the DIET Roller Coaster

lose weight, gain weight, up and down, over and over
lose weight, gain weight, up and down, over and over

After years of dieting, weight loss and regain - it is time to unlearn what you have learned and believed so fervently.

There is this idea in the dieting world that somewhere "out there" exists a plan that really works and delivers consistent, linear results in line with the effort the person puts in. The truth is, no such plan exists. Body change is a process of discovery. It is not a protocol that is followed. It progresses and then plateaus. You will confront periods of frustrating stagnation followed by accelerated progress and then halted momentum. And guess what? It has nothing to do with your level of comfort or considerations. If you want it, you have to be willing to learn the tools and how to utilize them correctly. It is a journey, not a destination and the single biggest determinant of success will be your ability to repeatedly rise when you get knocked down and move forward having learned the lesson.

Finding your blueprint is the key. It is a process, not a protocol. It is not some magical diet that your friend tried, or eliminating foods or food groups because you believe that it makes you fat.
Often, I see people take measures for change when they are in great pain by generally just repeating the failure cycle that has plagued them for years. The weight loss methods that you have followed based on desperation, and self-loathing, following protocols of deprivation and beating yourself up for “wrong” food choices or for not losing weight fast enough need to end if you will ever find happiness.

Take the time to complete the learning process and create your blueprint. Learn how to utilize stress reduction techniques, how to balance your meals and your hormones and allow yourself to get off the diet roller coaster. Methods do not last if they are not founded on solid principles.

In my experience, the successful "losers" are the ones that become inspired by the person that they can become, not desperate with the person that they are. I believe that the best nutrition plan is the one the person can own, love, live with and stick to.

In essence, there is no one perfect diet and for every approach that exists you will find people who not only do well, but thrive on it. You will also find people that fail miserably with the same approach. Be detective and find out what is the best plan for you. One method will bring you long-term success and the other will keep you in a viscous start & stop cycle.

No one wants to lose weight and then gain it back. Your success will be based on the questions that you ask yourself.

Questions to guide your changes -
1. What specifically am I trying to achieve? To become?
2. In reality, is what I am doing sustainable?
3. What am I willing to do to experience long-term results?

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