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Get nostalgic - share your favorite old-time holiday recipe


The holiday season always makes me feel nostalgic. And nothing sparks those magical memories more than food.

The sense of smell is the most primal of the five senses, so the scent of a fresh-cut Christmas tree can trigger memories and emotions faster than the sight of a box of ornaments or the sound of sleigh bells ringing. Taste, of course, is closely tied to smell and eating something - which combines those two senses - can bring on the nostalgia faster than anything.

The scent of gingerbread baking calms me almost instantly because it brings on memories of watching the snow fall through the huge window in the front of my grandparents' house while my grandma bustled in the kitchen. Raisin-filled cookies remind me of Gram's house and hours of playing the marble game with my cousins. Sugar cookies almost always bring laughter as I remember decorating sheet after sheet of the things and flicking cinnamon imperials at my sister while my mom wasn't looking.

What were your favorite holiday treats when you were a child? Over the next three weeks I will post some of my old favorites - and yours if you will send them to me. If you don't remember the recipe for that old-time favorite, give me as much info as you have and I will do my best to track it down for you.

You can post your recipes or requests as a comment here or tweet me @VegasFoodLover.