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Get moving in Houston: Five outdoor activities to keep you fit

The Houston area has many kayak friendly locations.
The Houston area has many kayak friendly locations.
Courtesy of iStockphoto

May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month and it’s a great time to get moving outdoors in Houston. Are you bored with your exercise or activity routine? Or maybe, you haven’t been motivated at all? Get outdoors and try something new before the “Houston Summer” sets in. If you’re at a loss for activities to do around town, here is a list of fun things to get you moving:

1.  Kayaking: Houston is a great place to kayak, from sea kayaking to paddling on the lake. Never been? Try a lesson with kayak rental from Southwest Paddlesports (ACA Certified).

2.  Canoeing Buffalo Bayou: Want to see downtown from a different angle? Take a canoe trip down the bayou. Rent a canoe (Austin Canoe & Kayak) or take a guided tour. Visit Buffalo Bayou Boat Tours for more information.

3.  Horseback Riding: Take a trail ride or horseback riding lesson. Want to stay close to downtown? The Spread offers a variety of riding opportunities.

4.  Rollerblading: Dust off your old pair of rollerblades and head to Memorial Park. The park’s picnic loop is an ideal place to skate.

5.  Biking at Huntsville National Park: Mountain biking at Huntsville State Park is a year-round activity. The park offers a 9.5 miles loop with moderate difficulty.

Have any suggestions for outdoor activities around town?  Leave a comment.


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