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Get lost in a Fae world with Anna Silk

The Syfy Channel debuted paranormal/noir series, Lost Girl, starring Anna Silk and Kristen Holden-Reid (The Tudors, Underworld 4: Awakening ) January 16th, 2012. Although the series already has a successful run with a green-lit third season underway via the Canadian based Showcase Television, it definitely has shown its marketability with an American following at a 1.5 million viewers based on the pilot episode on the Syfy Channel.

Lost Girl centers around Bo, a fae creature known as a Succubus. You remember what that is right? If not, then watch episode 5 ("She's a Man, Baby, a Man") from season two of Charmed starring Alyssa Milano, Shannen Doherty and Holly Marie Combs), in which Alyssa has a telepathic link to a succubus from a dating service.

So now that you have a little backstory about Succubi, then you know the dealio about Bo, who can kill a man with a kiss. However, she doesn't know why she has this gift and why she was "cursed" with it. She grew up with an adoptive human family with no memories of her real parents.

Bo stays on the go so she's never pinned down in one place too long, especially after a kill. In the first episode we find Bo, rescuing a drifting kleptomaniac human girl named Kenzi from a human predator. Of course, Kenzi now wants to tag along with her new found wonder bud, however, Bo is resistant as she's a loner and doesn't want the responsibility.

Later as Bo keeps running into the 'wrong type of man', she finds herself kidnapped by other Fae, due to her trail of dead bodies. One of the fae, Dyson, is and irresistable wolf shifter doubling as a police detective.

After Bo is examined by the dark and the light fae leaders, she ends up fighting for her life,to prove her value in the fae community. When she wins the battle, with the helpful distraction of Kenzi, and is urged to choose a side in the fae community. She refuses of course, after all, she's Bo and sets her own rules.

Teaming up with Kenzi to create a Fae/Human detective agency, Bo sets on a path that leads between the human and fae worlds while learning about her past.

Lost Monday at 9pm CST on the SyFy Channel.

Trivia: What former accountant turned entertainment mogul founded Prodigy Pictures, the production company behind Lost Girl. (Hint: You'll remember him from other fave TV shows Andromeda and Mutant X )


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