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Get longer thicker lashes

Thicker sexier lashes
Thicker sexier lashes


  • Brittani 6 years ago

    Save money and acheive the same results with Anew Lash Transforming Mascara + Lash Growing Serum from Avon. A two step daily treatment that helps you prevent breakage and see MORE lashes will soon be available from Avon! Pre-order from me by email, referencing this article, and recieve $5 off your total order! The Intro price for this high quality item is only $15!!! ( that's just $10 for you)! Offer ends 4/6/10 so hurry!

  • Nicole 6 years ago

    thanks for your comments! Sorry for late replies- yesterday my daughter turned 5.. So I would love to try Avon's product and will contact you after a few weeks. My lashes are still long and need to let them revert back to their original sad length LOL.. but sounds good, hope it works! If so, I'll write about it- readers love price driven results:)

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