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Get longer thicker lashes

Thicker sexier lashes
Thicker sexier lashes

Spring has sprung so lets get the head start with "less is more". Wouldn't it be nice to wear less makeup and still look great this summer?  We can start with growing some knockout eyelashes. Okay so, we've all heard about doctor prescribed Latisse for around $120 (one month supply) to grow your eyelashes and we know it works. But who really wants to go to the doctor every month just for this? Here is a short list of other products to consider that work just as great.

Lilash- $139 (4.5 out of 5) works great, you'll see a difference after about 3 weeks and its non-irritating. The tube will last you 5 months. They also make Librow specifically for growing your eyebrows.

New Jan Marini- $160, 5-6 month supply (4 out of 5). Its easy to apply and non-irritating. Should start to notice growth in lashes after 4 weeks.

Rapid Lash- $49.95, 2-3 month supply ( 3.5 out of 5). Also easy to apply, slight occasional tingling, but this stuff works. I noticed a difference in my lashes after about 3 weeks. Problem with any lash serum is once you stop using the product, your lashes go back to normal. Boo hoo. They claim to work on eyebrows too- but I only applied it to my lashes. Look for it the next time you're in Meijers or Walmart.

These remaining received poor reviews (2.5 or less out of 5) Revitalash ($150), Enormous Lash ($95),
Talika ($38) and Mavala ($15). So you might want to skip trying them.

Eyelash extensions will get you the most extreme results fast but with a serious price tag and aren't growing real lashes. This application is an actual extension tube applied by a trained professional to each lash that lasts permanently. They are durable and last until your natural lash falls out. Check the higher end salons and spas like J. Nicoles Day Spa and Salon for this service and prices.


  • Brittani 5 years ago

    Save money and acheive the same results with Anew Lash Transforming Mascara + Lash Growing Serum from Avon. A two step daily treatment that helps you prevent breakage and see MORE lashes will soon be available from Avon! Pre-order from me by email, referencing this article, and recieve $5 off your total order! The Intro price for this high quality item is only $15!!! ( that's just $10 for you)! Offer ends 4/6/10 so hurry!

  • Nicole 5 years ago

    thanks for your comments! Sorry for late replies- yesterday my daughter turned 5.. So I would love to try Avon's product and will contact you after a few weeks. My lashes are still long and need to let them revert back to their original sad length LOL.. but sounds good, hope it works! If so, I'll write about it- readers love price driven results:)

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