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Get LifeLock Promo Code and Save 15% Every Month Plus 30 Days for Free

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This is for anyone thinking about Protecting their Identity. You can save yourself some extra money and it will help out on your budget. Click to Get 15% Off Promo Code and 30 Days for Free Click to Enjoy 10% Off Promo Code and 30 Days for Free View All The Latest LifeLock Coupons & Deals

LifeLock offers comprehensive identity theft protection to safeguard your finances, credit and good name. In today's always-connected world, that's more important than ever.

Why Choose LifeLock?

LifeLock protects customers in ways they can't protect themselves. In today's always connected world, identity thieves are connected too, you're at risk every time you bank online, search, shop, text or tweet. However, LifeLock helps stop identity fraud before the damage can be done. Moreover, if you do become a victim, they know exactly what to do. LifeLock has 3 layers of protection, the first – DETECT, go ahead, live free knowing LifeLock is searching over a trillion data points every minute of every day looking for potential threats to your identity. The second – ALERT, when they find something suspicious, they’ll let you know through their patented Identity Alert® system. The third – RESTORE, if you do become a victim, LifeLock Member Services Agents are available 24/7 and a Certified Resolution Specialist will handle your case every step of the way.

In addition, LifeLock offers 30-day free trial, which means if you are not satisfied with the service, you do not need to spend money on it. And if you decide to continue the service after the free trial, then you can pay for it. With promo code provided, you can have extra 10% discount on your final purchase of any plan.

How to Start?

Sign up in less than 3 minutes and the protection starts immediately. When you sign up for any of LifeLock identity theft protection services, you are immediately backed by their Service Guarantee.* Plus you can access their member services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

For Consumers

LifeLock members benefit from proactive alerts that scan their financial network to help identify potential threats before damage can be done. LifeLock’s patented alert technology gives you the opportunity to confirm your identity before a new account such as a retail card, auto loan or new wireless phone is opened with your information. In the event that identity theft occurs, LifeLock provides award-winning resolution support and a $1 Million total service guarantee. TheLifeLock Wallet™ app, which offers convenient digital wallet management and a lost wallet service, is free to everyone with a smartphone.

Everyone enjoys the comfort of online purchasing with promo codes these days. LifeLock also provides customers promo codes for their savings. And the promo codes are totally free. If consumers wish to receive the cheapest offer at the same time, all they have to do is search for the latest LifeLock promo codes. Once customers have found one, they only have to use it at checkout to enjoy the great discount. By benefiting from these various price cuts and promotional deals, consumers get the chance to keep even more money in their pocket.


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