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Get Kate Winslet's beautiful style


Put aside for a moment that Kate Winslet is my absolute favorite actress barring none but she’s one of Hollywood’s loveliest as well. She’s gracing the cover of ElleUK this month and looks stunning. Over the years I’ve kept up with a few of Kate’s beauty secrets and am happy to tell you that they are easy and attainable.

First, what describes that complexion? It’s flawless. Most of us weren’t born with her seemingly untouchable perfection. Unfortunately. But, I can report that one of her personal makeup favorites is Clinique’s Gentle Light Powder which is a loose powder for all skin types that sets your foundation and minimizes pores. I also use this powder and can’t live without it. It’s one of those “if you were stranded on an island” items like Chapstick or sunscreen. Seriously. In addition, she’s reportedly using Mexican Wild Yam as a hormone balancer which she not only contributes to her lovely skin but also her sanity. I don’t know much about this product but as with any supplement please check with your doctor before beginning a daily regime. One thing I love about her…she doesn’t believe in loads of expensive creams and salves. “Take care of yourself” seems to be her policy.

Kate’s new hair style is perfect for one so casual. Even on the red carpet she seems to radiate an informal ease about her. She achieved this new look by adding some long bangs and a few more layers. If your hair is a similar length, you can copy this look with just a little work. First, apply your favorite mousse to damp hair. Blow dry upside down for volume. Then using a large round bristle brush in the front, create a side part and a sweeping bang. I would recommend only using the large brush in the front area since using it all over could pull out some of the natural waviness that comes with this upside down blow dry. Once your hair is dry and looking slightly messy, add some texture and separation with Redken’s Rough Paste 12 Working Material. This product is one of my favs but be careful to only use a pearl size amount and work it well in your hand before application. Start at the ends and pull through all over. I like to throw my head upside down again at this step. You can literally put your hair where you want it with this paste. Now give a light spritz with some light to medium hold spray and you’re ready to go.

One more reason for us ladies to adore Kate Winslet is that she does NOT go to the gym. Instead, she opts for 20 minutes or more of a Pilates DVD at home. She looks in top shape in Elle and on the red carpet. Good luck at the Oscars, Kate!


  • Jolene Hammer 6 years ago

    I too love Kate Winslet! She is a TRUE beauty (even Oprah loves her inherent ASSESTS!). She is opitimizes beauty, grace, and elegance. She is a fantastic actress and appears to be a loving, caring mum!
    As a female, I only wish that I had more role models to admire like Ms. Winslet!

  • Natalee 6 years ago

    OMG! I love Kate Winslet too! I'm so glad someone finally found the time to write a blog of how simple and flawless she is without having to use all the Botox and cosmetic surgeries women these days are using to make themselves look younger. Actually in an interview Winslet had with Oprah she admitted that she can't wait to see what she will look like OLD! She is completely against cosmetic surgury which is another reason why I totally love her! SHE'S NORMAL!