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Get into the Valentine's spirit with Kearsley's new book 'The Splendour Falls'

Susanna Kearsley’s new novel The Splendour Falls is reminiscent of her historical romantic mystery The Winter Sea. This new book revolves around a disillusioned young woman, Emily Braden, who no longer believes in fairy tales and happy endings. But Emily’s life begins to resemble a fairy tale in many ways when she accepts an invitation from her flighty cousin Harry to go on holiday with him to explore the ancient French town of Chinon. After befriending some of the locals and being ditched by Harry, Emily discovers that beneath the charming facade, the city harbors dark secrets. She is pulled into the past more and more as she learns of a legend involving a thirteenth-century siege of the castle perched above the town, during which Queen Isabelle, the child bride of King John, hid a treasure there. She also uncovers the story of another Isabelle who dared to love an enemy soldier, centuries later during the German occupation of World War II, with tragic consequences.

As with previous novels, Kearsley blends historical romance and modern sleuthing with a touch of the supernatural. Emily is determined to unravel the faded mysteries of the past, but in so doing could she be putting herself in danger?

Susanna Kearsley is the author of many novels including Mariana and last year’s The Firebird. Some information provided by Amazon.

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