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Get into the holiday spirit with some lovely Heavy Music


Rock Christmas Songs

Let's approach the holidays in a different way this year. Usually is about angelical voices and jingle bells, but what if they are replaced by electric guitars and a rough sound. About every music artist has released a holiday song and Rock artists were not left behind, for example "Thank God It's Christmas" by Queen.  Freddy Mercury hits his high notes in celebration of the holidays... Yeahhhhhh!.  No one can't denied that the best way to spend the holidays is with someone special, but if luck is not by your side or you are a little greedy, AC/DC's advice must be followed, "Mistress For Christmas". They tried a little too hard in making it sound dirty, but there is nothing wrong with that. It talks about spending money, having three-somes , riding a reindeer and ringing some bells.

Speaking of Bells, there are 1,000,000,000,000 versions of this song, but there is one that grandma will not approve of, Korn - "Jingle Bells". This is a dark version where Jonathan Davis brings the holidays to a whole new level, closing with  an evil Ho, Ho, Ho. In the Heavy Metal World, Santa is not a Big fat guy, with gray beard flying around and giving toys to the kids, instead we have Eddie Claus. No one really knows what he is but Iron Maiden's Mascot. He brings Joy to the world with the gift of Music. Do not forget the Rum and coke by the tree, better yet just leave the bottle.(Cookies and milk are not allowed)

Eddie Claus

The "12 metal days of Christmas" by Twisted Sister is the wish list for " the true love". A Tattoo of Ozzy, Spandex Pants, Mascara, Leather Jacket, Skull Earings, Pentagram, Pair of Platforms and a silver cross. While waiting for the gifts, It is a Rock tradition to play  guitar versions of Christmas songs like Silent Night, just like Jimi Hendrix did with the band of Gypsies. Let's not forget the dance traditions, the Mosh pit. It is the way  to release some tension and aggression, but others say it's the way of showing passion for Rock music and the ones around you. Although many find it to be very dangerous, there are many web pages that teach you the dance steps properly. Be aware that you might be exposed to many fluids such as sweat, saliva and blood. That's the way to spend the holidays!