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Get into a green fitness routine

Cycling is one form of green exercise.
Cycling is one form of green exercise.
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I have nothing against gyms and enjoy them myself quite often, but as the weather improves outdoor activities can be a better way to keep in shape.

What is really nice about this idea is that you can fit such activities into your dailay routine to save money and be environmentaly concious as well. Make no mistake, at today's gas prices it costs a dollar just to start your car. I always enjoy noting a person wearing gym gear who drives six blocks to a store. Walking would provide additional low impact exercise and save money. It would also reduce emissions.

The same can be said for the fleet of SUV's that idle for 30 minutes in front of grade schools each day just to drive Junior home two blocks!

Several other ideas would have a similar positive effect on both your carbon footprint and save money. A bicycle is a very desirable form of transportation in the warmer months. Many smaller city yards can be mowed with a hand lawn mower rather than burning fuel or electricity.

You may also find outdoor dance classes. These events are usually free, lots of fun, and held at parks such as Fort Totten Park in Queens.

The bottom line is that we all need gyms today because we no longer take part in many common activites that our parents enjoyed. My suggestions are just a start. I'm sure you can find many other alternatives each day to burning energy and creating polution.

Now if you excuse me I'm going to walk to dinner


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