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Get inspired from your desktop - daily - Mood Board
My current Mood Board as desktop wallpaper.

For several years I have been going a bit ADD with my desktop wallpapers. I use to download other people's beautiful shots of nature or travel experiences, or pasted on a friend's pro photography wizardry or pop culture thrill of the month.


Enter the mood board. As a designer, I often put together mood boards for clients to better convey my creative process and to demonstrate the possibilities of their project. Mood boards are basically a collage of themes, colors schemes, illustrations, photography, font families and other design elements that portray the flavor of a particular concept for a project. By presenting several mood boards for a web project, the client can get an idea of different outcomes and 'moods' their site will reveal to the visitor.

As a web and graphic designer, I'm inspired to create my own mood boards for personal projects, self-promotions, and most often - for my own daily life. Usually as the season changes, I create a new mood board for my computer desktop. I know I will see this image 100 times a day if not far more often.


My compilations usually include a couple of places I'd like to visit, a big dream purchase or trip, and images of personal development and new skills or hobbies I'd like to explore. Having these gentle reminders in front of me, randomly, throughout the day has actually inspired me to move on most of them. For instance last spring I visited NYC for the first time (easy now, I just moved to New England from the west coast), I watched every grueling episode of Suze Orman's financial harping, and started my entire garden from seed. All of these activities were ‘planted' on my desktop wallpaper.

What happened is I turned these fleeting interests into goals – by planting them in my face daily via my desktop mood board.

What's on tap for this fall and winter? Take a look at my personal desktop –>Image: 1mb

You'll see I have some travel aspirations, a little adventure, some personal development and finite goals – like finally killing off some student loans and honing my artisan bread baking skills. As for the cyclist, well, she's been up there for 4 seasons now. I'm going to get there, someday, somehow.

Some past mood board wallpapers included things that never became a reality, and maybe for good reason. For instance I did not adopt a dog this summer. No big deal, maybe next spring. And thanks to the economy, I didn't invest in the fancy-pants kayak I'd been drooling over. Next season. In the mean time, its on my mood board for me to dream about and plan a little better for it next season.

Go ahead and put together a mood board for your own desktop. See if it helps you to reach some milestones or try something new.