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Get inspired by Boston street style

Boston street style
Boston street style

How do you know what looks good as an outfit? Part of being able to piece together an outfit is based on years of having to dress yourself and looking respectable to other people. But the other part is by seeing what other people do – in magazines or movies, on a mannequin in a store, and by what other people around you are wearing.

In these days of the amazing world wide web, blogs dedicated to what regular people are wearing out on the street have become a very popular source of fashion inspiration. Some of the most well-known street style websites are The Sartorialist, chictopia, and But some smart and stylish ladies in Boston have created websites about street style in Beantown – because us Bostonians do have style! Here are the top 3 Boston street style sites you should get inspired by:

Beyond Boston Chic - Man or woman, you will enjoy looking through the pictures on this blog for everyday style ideas. This site was started when the fashionable founder of the blog, Martini, realized there were no sites giving Boston credit for its’ style. Thank you to Martini for showing other cities we know how to dress!

Click/Clash – If you’re looking to get inspired by people who take risks by trying something new in their outfits, browse through this blog. This site features a lot of Boston and Cambridge hipster types on the street and at parties around the city. And occasionally there are street pictures from other cities around the world – like Philly, New York City, and London.

Punky Style – This site isn’t 100% dedicated to street style, but there are occasional outfit pictures as well as a bunch of great tips on Boston fashion events and style in general.

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