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Get inside the bottle with free wine education

Get your favorite bottle and pour yourself a glass. Get ready to be wowwed through hours of FREE entertainment and instruction on wine in the Jancis Robinson Interactive Wine Course.  View a taste in the YouTube short below.

Wine is meant for pleasure and Jancis Robinson wants you to get your full measure.
Courtesy of Jancis Robinson.

This is an engaging introduction to wine by Jancis Robinson, a recognized world wine expert. Having written for Wine & Spirits magazine and The Wine Spectator, she is the current wine columnist for the The Financial Times. She has authored a number of compelling books on wine and edited several editions of the authoritative,  wine reference book The Oxford Companion to Wine

The course takes you on a fascinating trip around the world discovering wine. It is a personal tour, visiting the world wine regions and key wine makers. Robinson explores the basics while covering the main varietals of Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah, Riesling, Pinot Noir, Merlot, and Champagne. In the last of the series, Robinson undertakes exploring the little known, or under represented, varietals from around the world.

All along Robinson is gossipy, revealing scandals and trends, getting wine makers to compare wines from other regions to their own, and overall giving an interesting introduction to the world wine industry and its key players. It is as beautiful as it is intellectually engaging. The cinematography highlights the world’s wine-growing regions, from Australia to Chile, Oregon to Europe.

The Jancis Robinson Wine Course is available in a book form, but the DVD form makes it easy. Get the series at, your local library, in 6 minute segments on YouTube, or purchase it on ebay.  It is an interactive 5 hour series, broken into 30 minute segments, each focused on a varietal.  

Robinson is down to earth, funny, and passes along the basics with a broader perspective. I was riveted when I first watched the series more than 10 years ago. In reviewing it again, I realize her coverage was truly forward thinking. The top wine stories of today are those Robinson anticipated.

Having taken this tour with Robinson, you will be firmly set on the path to wine adventure. Where you go from there is your choice. 

More of Robinson, her insight and humor, is available on


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