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Get healthier-live with a pet!

Two furry babies can add to the fun and joy of life every day.
Two furry babies can add to the fun and joy of life every day.
Jo Ann Wentzel

Pets can be beautiful, cute, fluffy, fun and a joy to co-habitate with, but even better they can be part of a healthier you.

In today’s modern world, everyone is at least a little health conscious. They want trim bodies, a high degree of fitness and flexibility. They want a healthier lifestyle than in the past. All noble goals, but if you are spending hours and hours in a gym, you might want to consider living with a dog.
Most dogs are naturally active; they provide the same activity level as having a toddler and any mom would assure you there was no need for working out after 12 hours of chasing a child. Their natural instinct to play means up and down, running and boisterous movements and maneuvers to keep both of you fit. Even cats will add exercise to the playtime routine you share with them.

Add to this daily regime a walk or run as the case may be and you will supply most of your exercise program requirements. A dog has lots of energy and can help with those fitness goals. You may not want to cancel that gym membership just yet, but consider the advantages pets can bring to the fitness plan.

One of the biggest thieves of good health is stress. The amount of stress many people carry in today’s competitive world just to make a living is horrendous. Add to that the impossible schedules most folks keep especially those with active families and you can see why so many people have health issues. Knowing they should practice stress relieving exercises is little help when there is not time and too much worry about just surviving. Pets can be a big help here, especially dogs.

Playing with pets, either cats or dogs, is a delightful pastime and will often bring a smile to one’s face or produce a hearty laugh. It has been proven that laughter really is the best medicine and smiling improves your attitude.

Doctors have proven pets can lower blood pressure as just one of the many benefits of pet ownership. This is the reason dogs and cats have become such good therapy pets in nursing homes and senior centers. These pets also have been helpful in rehabilitating prisoners and alleviating PTSD in military personnel.

Having a companion that is loving, puts you first and above all is non- judgmental is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Owning a pet meets all these needs. They are great listeners and pay much closer attention to you than most spouses would. They are great confidants and keep all your secrets. That is why you can tell them anything, even things you would never tell a human soul. Why visit a mental doctor when stability can often be achieved by just getting things off your chest. For serious problems, you may still need some psychiatric help, but for everyday problems a pet may be the answer.

For a lonely person who has little family support and even less social life, a pet fills this void. Loneliness can lead to all kinds of illnesses so why be lonely and alone when you can come home to ‘someone’ every day.

If living with pets appeals to you, please adopt from a shelter instead of buying a pet. It saves lives!

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