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Get grilling with Barbeque Party

Barbeque Party, the game that jumps
Barbeque Party, the game that jumps
Goliath Games

What makes a good barbecue? Deft hands and knowing when to take food off the hot grill are keys to success. With the game, Barbeque Party, everyone gets a chance to put their skills to the test.

Barbeque Party is an engaging party game for children. With this game, kids work on hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. The concept of the game is easy to understand. Players must collect grill items before the grill jumps and dumps all the food on it.

Starting with the youngest grill master, a card determines whether an item is taken from the grill or placed on the grill. The game continues with all the players until one person has three items removed from the gril. From veggies to hot dogs, everyone has a chance to be a master griller. Players must move items withe care because the grill could jump at any false move.

Barbeque Party works on hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Players must use care when placing the food on the grill. A soft touch works best. For smaller children, they could use their hands versus using the tongs.

The game contains 1 Barbeque and grill, 16 pieces of food, 18 cards, 1 grilling tongs and instructions. It is recommended for ages 4 an up and requires 2 players. Distributed by Goliath Games, Barbeque Party retails for approximately $19.99.