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Get gorgeous skin from vitamins and don't even open a bottle

Get the best skin health from vitamins without opening a pill bottle
Get the best skin health from vitamins without opening a pill bottle

When you think about your skin health, you might think that a daily skin routine and staying out of the sun will pretty much be enough.

Well, it's not.

Among moisturizing and skin care regimens and facials and anti wrinkle masks, there is something that is really underrated that you have to have if you're going to have truly beautiful, healthy skin.

It may sound ho-hum, but that something is vitamins.

Opening a pill bottle to take your vitamins is not enough for your skin to be gorgeous.Take your calcium, take your vitamin-whatever complexes, but great skin health is only optimal if you feed your skin from the inside and out.

Applying the vitamin topically does the trick for getting the absolute maximum beauty out of your skin, and there are specific vitamins that really work (really!). Here are (hands-down) the top four:

Vitamin A.

What it does:

You need vitamin A for repairing skin tissue. Vitamin A protects the skin cells from pollutants and damage from exposure to harsh elements. it is a huge factor in anti-aging.

What you do:

First off, you should eat fruits and vegetables such as spinach, salmon, broccoli and dairy products; they are all loaded with vitamin A.

The best way to get the best results from vitamin A for your skin, though, is to apply it topically. This is due to its aid in extreme reduction in wrinkles and fading brown spots. The vitamin A derivative prescription treatment is called Retin-A, and from its inception it's been used as a proven acne-reducer. Over-the-counter versions are weaker but they still work.

Vitamin A for your skin comes in cream form. Retin-A (Vitamin A) is a retinoid, and retinoids are the way to go for correcting skin problems. Use this retinoid at night; it doesn't work if it's exposed to sunlight. If you are a beginner, try a little of the over-the-counter stuff first and work up from there. This is due to probable irritation and redness which can last a few weeks.

Used regularly, you will see a huge improved difference in your skin within four to six weeks.

Vitamin B3.

What it does:

Vitamin B3 is extremely important for the condition of your skin. Vitamins can't be stored in the body, so if you have a night out on the town with a few two many drinks or you are under an incredible amount of stress, your skin health shows it.

What you do:

Besides taking supplements, you can eat foods that are high in vitamin B3 such as chicken, turkey, tuna, peanuts, peas, sunflower seeds, and avocado. (Side note: Vitamin B3 is great for your cholesterol, too.) That's what vitamin B3 does for your skin health from the inside.

As far as feeding your skin from the outside, we're looking at vitamin B creams and serums for the best condition for your skin. These are most helpful with redness; rosacea benefits a lot from Vitamin B3.

Apply the Vitamin B cream or serum once in the morning and once at night. (Added tip: If you combine it with Vitamin A or another retinoid, it becomes a skin-health powerhouse. Just be careful because you don't need too much of either. A pea-sized amount of each blended in your palm should be sufficient.)

Vitamin C.

You may not know it, but when you rub it in, Vitamin C is the most awesome thing for your skin since sliced bread. (That's a saying, of course; do not rub sliced bread on your skin to compare the two.)

What it does:

Topical Vitamin C is pretty much the best topical application for skin to date and the Vitamin C foods you consume really seal the deal for healthy skin. It helps - well, what doesn't it help? - sagging skin, wrinkles, brown spots, lack-of-radiance - all of it takes a hike when Topical Vitamin C is used.

What you do:

To help your skin from the inside, foods with lots of Vitamin C in them include orange juice, grapefruit, lemons, limes,oranges, broccoli, green and red peppers, tomatoes, milk, liver and fish. Load up on those and you will see a definite improvement in your skin.

Again, for the best results for your skin, Topical Vitamin C is the best for all kinds of anti aging and other unsightly skin problems. It comes in moisturizer form.

Apply Vitamin C in the morning before you put on your sunscreen. It helps the sun ward off any extra UV rays.

Vitamin E.

What it does:

Vitamin E keeps your skin hydrated; it's that simple. If you use the topical version before you go out in the sun, it's been proven to make the skin less red and dry.

What you do:

A diet that contains whole grains, green leafy vegetables, peanuts, and sunflower seeds will help feed your skin from the inside.

Vitamin E lotion is the thing you should run to when you get sunburned. If you apply it before and after a lot of sun exposure, it reduces damage immensely.

Vitamin E oil is awesome for your skin, hair and nails. (Try it on your cuticles; just massage it in.) The trick is to use it sparingly and carefully. It's very heavy, and if you break out easily, this will make you break out even more. Here's a couple of ways to use it without harming your skin; if used correctly, it works wonders.

1. You can use it in place of your moisturizer/night creme at night.

2. You can apply vitamin E oil to scars. (I can totally attest to this.) All the nasty pollution and gunk in the air prevent scars from healing properly. When you use vitamin E oil, it helps to improve the appearance of the tissue that has been damaged.

To sum this up, Vitamin E is a powerful vitamin that helps with damaged (or potentially damaged) skin.

(Tip: Apply sunscreen with both Vitamin E and A in it; you'll be getting the best skin protector you can get. Use serums with Vitamin E and C in them, and you'll be really loving your skin.)

Your skin health is important, and you should start "applying your vitamins" now.

You don't want to be just getting into your fifties and looking in the mirror at all the brown spots on your face and arms and wrinkles everywhere and be saying, "If only I had put on my vitamins..."

Lori Cline, Phoenix Beauty Examiner

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