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Get Good Ol' Fashioned Tea at Lady' Effie's

Bertha's Room in Lady Effie's Tea Parlor.
Bertha's Room in Lady Effie's Tea Parlor.
Lady Effie's Tea Parlor

Tucked between the bustling 10 and 110 freeways in downtown Los Angeles sits something perhaps, a bit out of place. Lady Effie's Tea Parlor, a historical manor inherited to Vonnie Gipson from her Aunt Effie Mae Miles, in 1993, is a hidden treasure for tea lovers.

Built in 1907 by famed architect Thornton Fitzhugh, the manor was originally owned by a general doctor and used as a clinic. Effie Mae worked there as somewhat of a recovery nurse, helping and escorting patients home after their visit with the doctor. After many years of service to the doctor, Effie Mae and her husband James purchased the manor. Many years later, after James had already moved on and Lady Effie was soon to follow, she turned the manor over to her niece, Vonnie Gipson, and her husband, as her wish was to keep the manor in the family. Her last words regarding the manor were “You’ll know what to do with it”.

Today the manor has been refurbished and reinvented, and stands as a tribute to Effie Mae’s good ol’ days. Restored to its original splendor, the manor features original vintage and antique furnishings and décor, along with the sounds of classic jazz like Ella Fitzgerald and Duke Ellington. To step into Lady Effie’s is to feel as though you’ve been sent back in time. With a handful of rooms, all named after ladies of the family, and a lovely patio, Lady Effie’s can accommodate over 60 guests in total, but there are smaller rooms for parties of just two or four. The experience at Lady Effie’s Tea Parlor is always authentic, so reservations are required to ensure the perfect tea party.

With dozens of teas to choose from, including house blends made to the fit the personalities of familial matriarchs, you’ll need more than a pot or two to try! From white teas, to green to black and endless blends including many caffeine-free options, there’s more than something for everyone-even kids. Plus, with possibly the best prices in Los Angeles, you’ll be able to afford an extra full pot of tea at $4.00 when you purchase Full Tea 1 or 2, for just $20 or $24, respectively. For a smaller party, up to 4 or 5 people, Lady Effie’s Full Tea 1 is the right choice, offering delicious tea cakes and traditional sandwiches like cucumber and egg salad, fruit, pastries, and of course your choice pot of tea. Spend only $4 more for a larger group and receive even more fancy tea cakes and sandwiches like goat cheese and salmon.

“Steeped” with family history, Lady Effie’s is perfect historical getaway from the industrial, smoggy streets of downtown Los Angeles. With a unique atmosphere, and prices to fit any budget, Lady Effie’s Tea Parlor is the perfect spot for a bridal or baby shower, a business meeting, or just an afternoon tea with friends. Visit their website for more information or to make a reservation.