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Get fierce, Gain Confidence and Become a True Fashionista: Here's How:


1) Diet – Check this word out of your brain. Instead, work on becoming healthy. It’s not rocket science. Just follow Michael Pollan’s simple formula, " Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants." It takes three days to a week to get your body on a healthy eating routine. Just do it. You will have a clearer mind, more energy and overall better will.
2) Exercise – No surprise here. If you want to be a true Fashionista, you have to shake your booty and sweat 4-6 times a week for 40-60 minutes a session. Exercise is better than any age defying cream on the market and it’s cheap. Read the beauty benefits of exercising here.
3) Simplify- Americans are very good at being excessive. We buy out of our means, we cram our homes with “stuff” and we eat meals worth two times our daily caloric count in one sitting. Being excessive is a major reason why Americans experience anxiety and depression. Get out of this toxic cycle by buying in your means (you have 100 dollars a week for groceries, only buy 100 dollars worth). Buy only what you need (make a weekly list of items and don’t stray from it), and purge yourself of all unneeded items (anything still usable give to a second hand store). Finally, stop “splurging” on bad foods that will “make you feel guilty”. Remember, you are what you eat so who wants to be known as the” Big Mac”? Get more advice from ZenHabits Here.
4) High Expectations- A true Fashionista has beauty and poise because she/he has high expectations gained by being structured. For example, Limit your time in front of the tube, read a book a month, read the news every morning, do one creative project a week (draw, cook, sew, take pictures, write, knit), only surround yourself with worthy people (people that bring something to the table), only speak highly of others if you have something to say, and be stringent about keeping in touch with past friends and colleagues.
5) Grow Up-Party Less – Fashinistas are known for hitting up the town until 4 a.m., however; if you are well out of college, it’s time to grow up. Partying too much will lead you down the path of reckless behavior, addiction, lack of sleep, missed days, and poor health.

Photo Source: Happy Healthy Beautiful Model


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