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Bubble away
Bubble away
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There is some great news for the bubbling community of Bubblews, now members can get their posts featured on the home page for an extended amount of time.

On August 12, 2014, CEO and founder of Bubblews, Arvind “Avi” Dixit announced that Bubblews has now updated the home page with “featured post”.

Arvind stated in his own post on Bubblews that there are no set guidelines or process at this point, as to what is picked to be featured.

“We are looking for those posts where people have really cared about what they are submitting.”

Community members chimed in pleased by the direction of which the company is going. Some members have felt disappointed by the posts allowed simply because they do not provide informative information or even a shared experience.

We here at Examiner took an in-depth look at the Bubblews site and here is what we found.

“While there are many great posts on the site, which cover array of topics and experiences there were numerous amounts of posts which left us wondering why they were even posted. After clicking on a post link, we found what seemed to read, as a few random sentences tossed together which did not even share a connected topic.

It was as if the person was just trying to get the required character count of, which is set in Bubblews guidelines for posting. Bubblews pays a penny per view, comment and like. However, this leaves one wondering if such a post is worth a penny."

Maybe this new feature will entice Bubblews members to put a little more thought into their posting. With Bubblew branding itself as the social media site that pays, one must ask how it is determined what they accept this may be why Bubblews has been targeted in months past as a spam site.

However, those who seem to stick to the guidelines of the site have no issue with non-pay from the company, while those posting images and content, which fall short of guidelines and break regulations such as plagiarism go unpaid.

One of the interesting thinks Bubblews does is they seem to be sticking to their guns with encouraging thought provoking posts and socializing. Furthermore, Bubblews continues to frown upon liking farms and credit not being given to source information.

Giving source information credit is not just an issue Bubblews itself faces but also the World Wide Web as a whole. Online media sites like Digital Journal have been pushing hard on this topic as news breaks out and content is captured off Facebook or Twitter giving only source credit to the site and not credit to the person who provided the information and holds the rights. This seems to be an ongoing issue that is reaching a boiling point. if it continues, this could cause damage to online communications in a huge way.

Currently, ten members run the Bubblews community and actions are being taken to deal with all the spam and plagiarized material. With further upgrades to come in the weeks ahead, you can be sure Examiner will be following the breaking news of this social media site on the rise.

If you are on Bubblews, why not share with us your experience.