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Get fabulously fit by Valentine's Day: 16-minute at home workout

What are you doing for Valentine’s Day? Maybe you’re planning a romantic dinner with your sweetheart. Or maybe you’re putting on some sexy lingerie to really impress. No matter what you do or wear, you’re going to want to look your best and get fabulously fit by Valentine’s Day. Good news, you can with this 16-minute at home workout.

A 16-minute workout to get you fabulously fit by Valentine's Day!
Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

This fabulously fit 16-minute Valentine’s Day workout consists of three results-proven exercises that will tone and strengthen your sexiest body parts like the butt, legs, abdominals, back, arms and shoulders. Do these moves everyday for the next 2 weeks following the directives below and you will see results fast.

Squats are the best way to tone your lower half. Did you know that they also simultaneously strengthen your core? Yes, it’s true. Start your workout with one set of 36-squats, learn more about this here. These squats shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes.

Planks have been called the most efficient way to tone your abdominals and the best part is, they can be done anywhere. After completing your squats, do a 1-minute plank, learn more about planks and how to do them here.

Push-ups will also tone your abdominals in addition to your back, shoulders and chest. We’re talking about doing 20 long-body “hard” push ups here, but it’s ok to start with knees down and work your way up to the more difficult kind. These 20 push-ups shouldn't even take 2-minutes.

After completing all 3 exercises go through and do them one more time. This will complete your 16-minute fabulously fit workout. You’re not only going to look hot, you’re going to feel fabulous! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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