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A Daily Word from the Word for Monday, May 5, 2014

“Give us this day our daily bread.” – Matthew 6:11

Too many people spend way too much money trying to buy a few hours’ worth of energy. And it isn’t even good and lasting energy! What the world has to offer, through so-called “energy drinks” is but a bottle of empty calories filled with the uninspired flavor of dead works.

It is truly sad that all this money wasted on dead things and devastated ground isn’t being sown into the good ground of building God’s Kingdom and winning souls for the cause of Christ. Do you want to build a tower to the very throne room of Heaven, my brother? Do you want to plant and produce a vineyard such as the world could only dream of, my sister? Then let us start feasting on the fresh manna from Heaven each and every morning.

God fed the Israelites for 40 years while they wandered in the wilderness (Exodus 16:35). And each day, except for the Sabbath Day, God provided His people with this fresh food from Heaven. The psalmist recalls this raining down of God’s fresh revelation as it declares “He [God] rained down manna for them to eat; He gave them bread from heaven” (Psalm 78:24).

Manna is God’s supernatural provision for His people. The Hebrew word for “manna” is actually the same word used throughout the entire Old Testament, man (pr. mawn), and means “a ‘whatness,’ the answer to the question ‘why’” (Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance). The manna that the Lord provided in the Old Testament was a sweet, yet unleavened type of wafer-like bread. Unleavened means that it did not contain yeast; therefore, it was not capable of rising when baked.

The bread of the New Testament, which God still makes for us in the Heavens, and wants to give us today, is the bread found in Matthew 6:11; which is artos (pr. ar-tos)—“raised bread.” Are you feasting on this revelation, family? Has the heavenly flavor burst forth on your pallet? The bread of the Old Testament was unleavened because Jesus had not yet come; therefore, the bread was not Spirit-filled. But when the Son of God and Son of man came down from Heaven, was broken by crucifixion, died a horrific death, and was raised again, the Savior became the Bread of Life, and infused the bread from Heaven with His Holy Spirit!

The bread that is available to us each and every day is raised bread, because it contains the risen Savior. It is this Bread that contains every answer (the ‘whatness’) to every question ‘why’ because it contains the revelation of the Father Himself! The Giver of Life has baked the Bread of Life with the yeast of the Savior; and there is a fresh and endless supply of sweet provision coming out of God’s oven each morning, noon, and night! It’s a 24/7 Heavenly Bakery! And all we have to do is come to the table!

The Risen Savior Himself declares "I am the Bread of life. Whoever comes to Me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in Me will never be thirsty. It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing. The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life. And He [Jesus] took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to them, saying, ‘This is My body given for you; do this in remembrance of Me’” (John 6:35, 6:63, Luke 22:19).

Reach up to Heaven each day, and feast on a fresh roll, baked with the revelation of the Father made from the broken body of His Son. And with each bite of this sweet savor, activate every strategy for every success to gain the victory in every situation and every circumstance. The victory has already been secured for you at the Cross of Calvary, when the One sent from Heaven, made Himself a provision for us.

Do you want to constantly walk in the winning strategy, my brother? Are you ready to unwrap and activate every divine connection, assignment, appointment, and opportunity, my sister? Then come to the table of Heaven each and every day to receive your freshly-baked raised bread, and taste and see how good God is!

Father, thank You for giving us our daily bread. Thank You for Your provision, which meets our every need: Your provision of love, life, health, happiness, finances, relationships, family, friends, wisdom, knowledge, joy, peace, kindness, gentleness, grace, mercy, and every other good thing. Thank You Jesus, Son of God and Son of man, for being willing to be broken for us, so that we may have life and have it to the fullest (John 10:10). Help us to receive every revelation that you have prepared for us each day, so that we can be for You, all that you have called us to be. In Jesus Name, we thank You that we are constantly filled and energized with Your Bread of Life. Amen and Amen.

Take action! Challenge your thinking! Choose to be energized by the provision of Heaven. Choose to forsake the empty calories of the world, and feed on the fulfilling and savory Bread of Life. And continue to fight the good fight of reaching up to your Father’s Table and pinching off a loaf of His warm, fresh-baked bread filled with victory; for God, your Eternal Baker, has already given you the victory!

If you have never received Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, I encourage you to do it today, right now, by saying this prayer out loud: “Jesus, forgive me for my sins. I am sorry. I truly desire to be saved and reconciled back to God, my Father, through You. I receive Your sinless Blood as payment in full for my sins—past, present, and future. I now call You my Lord and Savior, and invite You to live within my heart, and to permanently live within me. I make You Lord over me and over my life from this moment on. Amen.” Congratulations! You are now a child of God, made whole and made new, by the Blood of Jesus Christ!

God tells us that we are blessed to be a blessing (Genesis 12:2). Be a blessing to someone by sending them this word of encouragement. If God did not already put someone in your spirit and on your heart that needs to read this uplifting message from above, simply ask your Heavenly Father who to bless on today. Forward this message right now by email, facebook, or twitter.

Jesus is coming soon!

May God Bless you and keep you always.

With warmest regards,

And, in service of The Most High King,


© 2014.

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