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Get Creative with Winter Workouts

Yoga in the mountains? Why not?
Yoga in the mountains? Why not?
Nikki Fitness

It's that time of year, the leaves are falling, the days are a bit shorter, delicious food everywhere, and the motivation to work out begin to slip. There are many ways to spice up your workouts through the winter season so you continue to look forward to them, and not dred stepping into your sneakers.

Here are some great ways to make your winter workout interesting:

1. Find a Turkey Trot in your hometown. All big cities nationwide and most smaller towns host a 5K fun run the morning of thanksgiving. Active trainer reported several great races around the nation. Marathon sports is hosting their annual run in Hingham, Ma for locals. Another great one for Boston-ites is the Sommerville Run which is quickly filling up, you can register here.

2. Find a running partner and explore new routes in Boston, or your city. Turn left where you always go right, see what's beyond the building you always stop out. is a great, free resource for exploring new routes in your city.

3. Add in variety, always run? Maybe this winter is the time to practice yoga, or go snowboarding. An avid cyclist? Why don't you try showshoeing?

Have more ideas? Let me know at, and we'll put them in the next article for more motivation!