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Get Creative with Totally Rad! Mobile 'Pic-Tap-Go' App

We are obsessed with our smartphone cameras. For example it is estimated that 60 million photos are posted to Instagram daily. In the four years since Instagram launched there are 200 million users and over 20 billion photos shared. That’s a heck of a lot of photos. For the serious iPhoneographer the desire to get creative and explore different ways of enhancing images increases with each shot. Totally Rad!’sPic-Tap-Go’ enables mobile photographers to get creative and make a photo go from okay to WOW, from ordinary to a work-of-art.

Click the Pic-Tap-Go App and begin (home screen).
Tina Case Photography

Doug Boutwell founded Totally Rad! in 2007 (check out this great interview on Jules Café). Once an acclaimed wedding photographer, Doug traversed his way to becoming a creator of tools for photographers. Now Doug and his wife Chenin focus solely on Totally Rad! Now thousands of photographers use their Totally Rad! family of tools daily.

I recently checked out Pic-Tap-Go while on vacation with my family and at home with my two pooches. Check out the slideshow to see how easy it is to select a photo from your camera roll (you can also take a new photo from within the app), select from over 50 unique filters and refine and adjust to your liking, crop, save and share to your favorite social media.

The features include the ability to see your images using different “recipes” or filters so you can decide which one you like (love) the best. You can adjust the intensity to your liking. It’s easy to add another layer on top of a layer to create your own signature “recipe” for later use. It's as easy as 'Picking' your image, 'Tapping' and selecting your filter, and setting it free to 'Go' to your favorite social media.

If you’ve been looking for a creative way to make your iPhone photos ‘POP’ then look no further and download this app today. Currently it is not available for Android.

Pic-Tap-Go for iOS7 - $1.99 (not yet available for Android)

Other Totally Rad! Products:

Replichrome - $99.00 (aka “Dirty Pictures” – film for Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw)

Rad Lab –$149.00 Try it Free for 14 days

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Tina Case is a photographer and writer based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. She writes reviews, tips and tricks about photography gear and other consumer technology products.

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