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Get 'Crazy in Love' with Stories on Stage

There is one thing that binds us all together. One feeling that has the capacity to change our lives forever, for good or for bad. It has the ability to stop time or speed it up. It can inspire great works of art and legendary creative masterpieces. It can drive a person to insanity, loss of self, and complete meltdown. Or it can help a person thrive and live life to the fullest. There is just one word that has this kind of power; love. This weekend, Stories on Stage will be presenting a series of readings that focuses on this most universal of themes and its ability to make us all crazy. This weekend is Crazy in Love.

Karen Slack
is one of Denver’s busiest actors appearing on stages all over the state. She will be reading Wintering by Anastasia Kolendo. Slack is excited to be a part of this production because she is crazy in love right now. “I just had a baby six and a half months ago. I am exhausted and in awe and have never felt so in love and psychotic simultaneously, both with my daughter and my husband. The lack of sleep alone induces psychosis, let alone the changes in your life, and person. My heart has expanded and continues to expand beyond all reason. Nothing else matters but the embrace and happiness of these two beings.”

Stephen Weitz, a local actor and director that has graced stages from Denver to Boulder, will be reading The Zagat History of My Last Relationship by Noah Baumbach. Weitz agrees that he is crazy in love all the time, “I’ve got the best wife in the world!” But what makes a person crazy in love? Weitz had this to share, “I think being crazy in love makes you smile every time you think about the person. And since you think about them all the time, people think you are crazy because you're walking around grinning like an idiot!”

Stories on Stage brings the talents of some of Denver's finest actors to read short works of fiction to create an entertaining and enjoyable evening of theatre. Crazy in Love will feature:

Sundered Hearts by P.G. Wodehouse, read by Jamie Horton

Magic Words by Jill McCorkle, read by Tamlyn Tomita

Wintering by Anastasia Kolendo, read by Karen Slack

The Zagat History of My Last Relationship by Noah Baumbach, read by Stephen Weitz

If you haven’t had a chance to catch a Stories on Stage production yet, you really need to get out and see what they do. They are the essence of storytelling, great theatre, and fantastic fiction all wrapped up together. You can catch Crazy in Love this weekend only!

Stories on Stage Presents
Crazy in Love
Love makes us all crazy. Let Love Rule.
April 30 at 7:30
The Dairy Center
2590 Walnut Street in Boulder
May 1 at 1:30 and 6:30
Denver Stage Theatre
Denver Performing Arts Complex
Single tickets are $25
Click here for tickets and details


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