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Get crafty this Valentine's Day

Add some creativity to your homeschool lessons with Valentine's Day arts and crafts.
Add some creativity to your homeschool lessons with Valentine's Day arts and crafts.
Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

Celebrate the world's sweetest students with Valentine's Day crafts that will add some fun to your homeschooling days.

Hand Print Heart Card: Fold a sheet of paper in half, and place your little one's hand on it, so the tips of her thumb and index finger touch the crease. Trace around her hand, and help her cut it out. Don't cut along the crease where the finger and thumb touched it, and you'll end up with a heart design in the middle. This makes a neat card to send to grandparents or other loved ones, which has the added bonus of being good writing practice for your child. For a photo tutorial of this craft, visit Prairie Hill Living.

Spinning Valentine: For an activity that's both art and science, cut a circle from card stock. Write half of a Valentine message on one side, and write another message on the back. The message on the back should be written upside-down, so when you flip it over, it looks right-side-up. Punch a hole on each side of the circle, and affix a rubber band to each side. Twist the rubber bands, then release, so the Valentine will spin and reveal the message. Watch a video of this craft in action at Maker Mama Craft Blog.

Cardboard Roll Valentine Heart: Teach your kids a lesson on repurposing with this cardboard heart project. Cut 11 empty toilet paper rolls in half, and arrange them in a heart shape. Pinch the rolls at the indent at the bottom of the heart to make them pointy. Connect them with masking tape, and paint the entire project red, pink or another Valentine color. Add ribbon at the top for a hanger. Pictures of this project are available at Kitchen Counter Chronicles.

Heart Bird Feeder: Little hands can show some love to wildlife with this simple project. Kids can thread round cereal on a pipe cleaner. Help them shape it into a heart, then add a ribbon and hang it on a tree. If you can, select a tree that you can easily see from your window, so you can watch the birds enjoy your project. Sweet and Simple Living has nice photos of this craft.

Arts and crafts are a fun addition to your homeschooling day. These Valentine's Day projects allow your kids to express themselves creatively and also sneak in a little learning from a variety of disciplines. It's time to roll up your sleeves and get crafty with your kids this February!

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