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Get cash for your ideas: TSA looking for line efficiency tips

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Everyone who has made their way through airport security knows that during peak travel times, it can be a nightmare to get through. Depending upon the airport, time of day and time of year, it may be necessary to allow for extra time to ensure you make it to your gate on time. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is well aware of these line issues and are looking for your help.

According to a report in the LA Times on July 27, 2014, the TSA is offering rewards totaling up to $15,000 for those who come up with the best ideas for their security queue system. Currently, the TSA is using the first-come, first served method in getting travelers through security checkpoints. However, there are hopes that new suggestions and tips will help make the process more efficient and time-saving.

There are many different categories of travelers that TSA agents screen. According to the LA Times, these categories include “premium travelers, passengers in wheelchairs, pilots and crew members, as well as fliers using TSA’s PreCheck program.” The PreCheck programs makes it possible for those passengers who voluntarily submit background information to make it faster through the security screening process.

Because putting all of these travelers in the same queue lines would create a lot of confusion and potential delays, the TSA is hoping the reward they are offering will help keep the process’s most challenging issues more organized. The LA Times quoted TSA spokesperson Ross Feinstein as saying that the current goal “is about leveraging innovation and out-of-the-box thinking to find solutions to the TSA’s most challenging issues.”

As part of this program, the TSA will be awarding one price of at least $5,000 for the best idea and will be awarding other prizes of at least $2,500 each for some of the other top ideas. Idea submissions are being accepted through August 15, 2014. To submit your idea click here to be directed to the website.