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Get cash for gift cards

Trade in your unused gift cards.
Trade in your unused gift cards.
Ivan Prole

The holidays are officially wrapped up and it’s inevitable that many of us have wound up with a stack of gift cards we can’t use or don’t want. Wouldn’t you love to sell them? Well guess what, it turns out you can! There are several websites that will take those unwanted gift cards off your hands in exchange for cash.

At, you can sell your gift cards, with a balance of at least $25, for up to 92% cash back. And they say you’ll get a check 24 hours after they receive your gift card in the mail.

Gift Card Rescue will buy cards with values as low as $20, but the gift card can not expire within the next six months

And if you use Swap A Gift, you can not only do your sale online, you can stop into one of their brick and mortar partner locations to get cash even faster. They have 10 locations in Massachusetts alone.

Before you sell a gift card, always make sure you shop around for the best deal. And if you have a card with a balance too small to sell, it doesn’t mean that you’re out of luck. In Massachusetts, gift certificates must be good for at least 7 years and if 90% or more of a gift certificate has been redeemed, a merchant must let you decide if you want to receive the balance in cash or keep it on the card.