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Get beach body ready with Ryka

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Memorial Day marked the unofficial start of Summer and more than ever women are trying to fit into their itsy, bitsy, teeny, tiny, polka dot bikinis just in time for Summer.

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There's nothing more demotivating about going to the gym than not having anything stylish to wear. Let's not even get into the fact that when you start back, you feel like everyone is staring at you. Thankfully, Ryka offers some amazing shoes and fitness apparel that assures you won't be the locker room topic of bad fitness fashion examples. Get your workout wardrobe in shape and the toned abs might just follow. The bottom line is that fitness is supposed to make you feel good in all aspects of your life. If you're doing something amazing for yourself, don't let your clothing choices be a hindrance. You can do it and this examiner actually thinks you can do it all night long.

Say goodbye to your old sneakers and T-shirts as fashionable and functional activewear is a must-have for the fitness and style-conscious woman. Sneakers are being made now in colorful combinations with fashion not having to take a back seat. Ryka, a women's only line, offers award winning styles and amazing soles that runners everywhere covet for the comfort. Ryka’s sneakers and apparel will have you looking and feeling great during a workout session or while running errands around town.

Many of Ryka's fitness fashions can be mixed-and-matched, which is a plus. When perusing the site, don't forget to stock up on the basic fitness staples that will ensure your success of fitting into that beautiful bikini before you know it.

Shop Ryka here. You can do it. You can even do it looking fashionable all night long. Michelle Obama arms in polka dot bikinis here you come. Also, feel free to follow Ryka here or Lady Obama's arms here on Twitter for some instant fitness motivation.