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Get back to basics with your health, wellness & exercise program for 2014

Core Stability
Core Stability

Many new exercisers that have not worked in a long time or ever, along with the regular exercisers, wonder what they can do to boost their metabolism and loose the weight and become healthy. The answer is simple. Change up your exercise program, which means an individual should get involved in different modes and intensities of exercise.
Many regular exercisers tend to stay with the same form of exercise with their cardiovascular always staying the same such as the treadmill, elliptical or cross trainer and, most importantly, staying with the same weight training routine. After time the body will plateau and become used to the routine one is doing, and it is important to change it up to overcome these plateaus. The new exerciser might go through an introduction on the fitness floor on the fitness equipment and many of them do not complete this process but think they will come into the fitness center and work their tails off for 2-3 hours at a time and wonder why they have hardly lost any weight, if any at all.

It is a factor that both the regular exerciser and the beginner exerciser are always finding ways to get into a great exercise program to achieve their goals, but the question is how can they do that? It is simple by starting with the basics of the regular exerciser and the new exerciser of taking time to learn about their body, and the easy way is to start with a simple model of starting with a core stability and muscular endurance program. This means for both the regular exerciser and beginner to start with the basics of just simple cardiovascular exercise at a low moderate rate but changing up what pieces of cardiovascular equipment they use on a regular basis, especially for the regular exerciser.
The next important part of this learning model is just getting back to basics for the regular exerciser and starting out new for the beginner exercises with a simple core stability program where the core muscles are used to support the body before strength and power come into the programming for you. In this phase, muscular endurance resistance training exercises will work in multidirectional and multi-planes of the body which incorporates primary, secondary and intrinsic muscles. Core stability does not mean crunches but means holding the body in a position for a long period of time while the abdomen and lower back contracts.

One might think this type of program is simple and will not do anything but for the regular exerciser, but this will give you the simple structure again, and the new models that are being studied and researched are working to become healthier. For the new exerciser this type of model starting with the core stability, simple cardiovascular and weight training exercise with endurance training of light weights and high repetitions will give a great start to the New Year. However, depending on the person completing this program should understand that to progress to a higher level of intensity of health and fitness they should complete at least 2-6 weeks of this program before moving on the next stage of fitness, which will include core strength and muscular strength.