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Get an inside look at Detroit bars with Inside Detroit

The Detroit Beer Co.'s patio on Broadway is a popular summertime hangout downtown.
The Detroit Beer Co.'s patio on Broadway is a popular summertime hangout downtown.
Ken Welsch

With its downtown welcome center standing proudly on Woodward Avenue, the non-profit organization Inside Detroit has made great strides in helping people explore and better understand the city.

In addition to leading group tours of Detroit’s many historical sites, its famous buildings, and its new park systems (among others), Inside Detroit is also a great source to see and experience all that downtown Detroit’s bar scene has to offer.

Inside Detroit’s list of bar tours takes patrons on twice-monthly explorations to some of the city’s best hangouts, from its widely known sports bars to lesser-known dives. In the process, tour members are treated to an up-close look at some of Detroit’s neighborhoods like Cork Town, Rivertown, and New Center, as well as some of the homemade brews churned out by our own local breweries.

More than anything, it provides the opportunity to see places you might otherwise ignore, and with more than 100 bars and restaurants in the one-square-mile area that constitutes downtown Detroit, there’s plenty to discover. And for people who’ve made it a mission to get a first-hand look at every one of them, Inside Detroit even provides a downloadable checklist that features every bar, tavern, club and pub.

Inside Detroit’s bar tour schedule resumes Tuesday, July 27 with a Patio Bar Tour. No details on which bars will be included, but stops at the rooftop patios at Cheli’s, Bookie’s and/or Old Shillelagh seem likely, and the street-level patio at Detroit Beer Co. is always a favorite. The four-hour tour departs at 8 p.m.

LOOKING FOR TOUR DETAILS? Inside Detroit is located 1253 Woodward Ave. Call them at 313-962-4590, or visit them online at Have some Detroit bars news you want to pass along? Send it to


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