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Get an Arizona Diamondbacks zombie bobblehead on 8/2

zombie bobblehead
Jennifer Stewart/Arizona Diamondbacks

If you’re going to the Arizona Diamondbacks game on Aug. 2 you can snag yourself a pretty nifty little zombie bobblehead for your troubles. He’s wearing a sweatshirt and a boot in AZ, in summer, and only seems to be halfheartedly trying to eat your brains, but it’s free, so who cares.

The Diamondbacks will be playing the Pittsburgh Pirates, which brings up the whole snakes vs. pirates vs. zombies issue, which is what all the cool kids are debating (I might usually give it to the zombies but these ones all have a bum left arm, or are lazy). Even if the snakes aren't real snakes they are still guys with bats that don't like the other guys with bats. That could really turn into something. *Due to the likely event of explosive, trifold combat, be wary of probable ninja interjection.

Only the first 20,000 heads get a zed, so just try and be one of the first 90% to get through the doors and you’re going home with a new friend, perhaps to use as target practice.

This macabre spectacle is at Chase Field and starts at 5:10pm. Be there or be one of the unlucky seven billion losers to miss out. You definitely don't want to be the person fighting it out on eBay for something that amounts to a cereal box prize.

Plus, after looking at the Diamondbacks rundown of this month's promotions, this is far and away the best thing going, so don't get stuck watching a giant pizza slice throw a pitch without getting something out of it.

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