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Get Active: Your Way!

getting active doesn't have to be a hassle or struggle, it can be easy.
getting active doesn't have to be a hassle or struggle, it can be easy.
Carol Lent - Miami Health Examiner

Being active in today's world has become a luxury for most people. We tend to go on about our busy lives and we neglect the important things in life, like our health. Have you been thinking about adding physical activity to your life, but you seem unsure on just how to get started? Don't feel dismayed, and don't be discouraged - a lot of us are at the same juncture in life, like a fork in the road and if we knew which way to take it would make things that much easier. Well, I have news for you my friend, you don't have to think really hard about your routine anymore. Start at a comfortable level and add a little more activity as you go along. Remember, some people find that getting active with others make it easier to get started. So, take on a phitness partner and let's get started!

Get rid of the chains...
You ever wonder what is holding me back? I hope that you take a serious mental inventory right now and examine what IS holding you back, what is keeping you from accomplishing what could be a very easy task. Here's some of the common things I hear from my clients and I have even been guilty of a few of these random excuses that we place before our goal in order to keep us stranded and chained to our status quo.

Excuse #1: I haven't been active in a very long time.
Solution: Find something you like doing. Many people try and find that walking helps them getting started. Before you know it, you'll be pushing your own limits and adding more gradually. When I couldn't walk outside, I would trade in my walking shoes for stretching, yoga and routine weights.

Excuse #2: I have no time!
Solution: Begin with 10-minute chunks of time a couple of days a week. Walk during a break. Dance in your living room to your favorite music. Worship while moving around (even if you don't know how to dance). Go up a flight of stairs more than once a day. Park your car futher from the entrance to that shopping outlet or restaurant. It all adds up!

Excuse #3: It costs too much.
Solution: Being active doesn't have to cost you a dime. You dont HAVE to join a health or fitness club, you don't HAVE to purchase fancy equipment or trendy clothing to be fit. Where there is a will, there will be a way. Your options may be to play tag with your kids at the park, or in your backyard. You can walk your dog - briskly- for 10 minutes or more (this will not only keep you healthy, but FIDO will be a healthy pooch as well).

Write down some things that could be holding you back, and what you could do to get past these invisible barrier excuses.
Here's a little encouragement. We have all heard at one point or another what our benefits from physical activity will be. Now, you can check off which of these benefits you hope to get from active living:
_ Be Healthier.
_ Increase my chances of living longer.
_ Feel better about myself.
_Have less of a chance of becoming depressed.
_Sleep better at night
_Help me look good
_Be in shape
_Get around better
_Have stronger muscles and bones
_Help me stay at or get to a healthy weight.
_Be with friends or meet new people.
_Enjoy myself and have fun.

Did you know when you're not physically active, you're more likely to:
Get heart disease
Get type 2 Diabetes
Have High Blood Pressure
Have High Cholesterol
Have a stroke

I encourage you, as you go about your day today to think on how to get more active - Your Way!

To a healthier you!
Carol Lent,
Miami Health Examiner

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