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Get acquainted with your playful creative self

Blowing bubbles by SteveFE via flickr
Blowing bubbles by SteveFE via flickr
Blowing bubbles by SteveFE via flickr

Saturday January 18, 2014: Today, an all day Moon Void-of-course in Leo (3:51 am EDT – 8:23 pm EDT) suggests that, instead of succumbing to the winter blahs, you call up your playful side and allow it’s joie de vivre to brighten your day.

Invite and welcome childlike openness into your life... and consider... that it's playfulness that is the center of your creativity.

Get reacquainted with your playful creative self by recalling the child you once were. You remember... the child who had no inhibitions, was endlessly loving, curious and joyous... that endlessly creative child child whose imagination had no boundaries or limitations. That child is still there... waiting permission to go out and play.

So... be playful today... explore and to do things, simply for the sheer delight of doing them!

Today’s Quote

Play is the royal road to childhood happiness and adult brilliance" ~Joseph Chiltern Pearce

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