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Get a website already

"I think, therefore I am."
"I think, therefore I am."
René Descartes (if he were around to take it)

To paraphrase 17thcentury French philosopher René Descartes, ‘I have a website, therefore I am part of the modern world.’

Having a personal website is beneficial for just about anybody, but it is especially important if you are looking for a new career opportunity. A personal website gives prospective employers a better chance of finding you – and a chance to see if you are a good fit for their companies. A personal website gives you the opportunity to:

  • Brag about yourself in your bio
  • Present your résumé (as both a webpage and a PDF)
  • Provide a professional head shot
  • Provide a way to contact you (e.g., email address, phone number, online form)
  • Provide links to your other websites (e.g., blog, LinkedIn, Twitter)
  • Showcase your accomplishments
  • Showcase your portfolio (if applicable)

I created my personal website ( in Dreamweaver while taking an online course in digital design. I host my site at Hosting 4 Sudents, which cost $68.22 and includes my domain name, two years of hosting and two email addresses.

But, you don’t have to be knowledgeable in Web design to have a personal website. There are lots of hosting sites that have site-builder templates, such as and And there are even free sites, such as WordPress (which is really a blog, but looks like a website).

Create your personal site today and join the modern world.


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