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Get a taste of SXSW this Saturday at South Gate House with Eat Sugar


What’s that? You aren't going to SXSW? Did you wait until the last minute to try to buy a ticket? So, next week you will be stuck in the tri-state while tens of thousands flock to Austin, TX to hear the best live music in the country. Well fear not, because this Saturday you will get a chance to hear an exciting up and coming act before every hipster in Austin, TX can judgmentally tweet about them and every other band at SXSW.

Cincinnati's own Eat Sugar will be making one last stop here this Saturday, 9:30 at Southgate House before their tour heads south to SXSW. Drunken dancing and head bobbing will no doubt break out as Eat Sugar rip through the synth grooves of their It’s Not Your Responsibility! [EP]. Whether you want to settle on the label of indie, electro-punk, or new wave; any song from Eat Sugar will provide ample opportunities to cut loose. The role of guitars seems to be minimal or completely nonexistent throughout Eat Sugar’s catalog of songs. Instead songs are formed around synthesizers and keyboards consistent with the genre stylings of New Wave. Their most well known song, “Pop Singer,” is a powerhouse of an electro-pop song with a bass line that will creep up your spine. They touch on familiar territories in “Distortions of the Heart”; providing fast riffs backed by a danceable drum beat. Aidan Bogosian’s vocals are buried under heavily layered riffs on “Hey Cupid” combing the sound into one frontal assault on the senses. Songs like “So Into You” provide an atmospheric background with cowbells added to the mix.

Electro punk and pop noise have gained significant traction in recent years with the success of such acts as TV on the Radio and Animal Collective. While completely deterring the passive music listener, the complexities of such music still alienate many passionate music fans. Eat Sugar has found the perfect balance of having their own unique sound while keeping it accessible enough to reach varying degrees of music listeners. This genre of music, extremely popular in larger markets such as Brooklyn, NY, is not unreachable to music fans in the tri-state area. Bands such as Eat Sugar and The Royal Bangs have helped localized it, and perform at a highly talented level. With bands in Columbus, OH already getting national recognition, the credibility of the local acts will hopefully emerge in the future as one all encompassing music scene. Perhaps a bit of wishful thinking, but for the moment, this Saturday will be one of many upcoming opportunities to participate in something special that is happening right here in Cincinnati.

You can preview and purchase Eat Sugar's entire album right here. For more information on the emerging music scene in Columbus, OH check out Is Columbus, OH the new Brooklyn, NY?


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