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Get a taste of Greece at Thasos Greek Island Grille


Greek food seems to be a constant staple in my life these days, and Thasos Greek Island Grille doesn't disappoint.  The atmosphere is casual, the price is right, and the food is delicious.  Many of the dishes at Thasos Greek Island Grille are gluten-free or can be made gluten-free with just a few modifications.

On the appetizer front, the Dolmas (grape leaves) are excellent, as is the Lentil Soup.  For a light lunch, the Greek Village Salad is a great choice, and to make it a bit heartier, order the Greek Village Salad which includes veggies, chicken, lamb, or steak of your choice.

Entrees include the Taverna Platter which gives you two meats of your choice, rice, and soup or salad.  Vegetarians fear not!  You can substitute veggies instead of meat in any dish.  You can also try a "Pita Bundle" (sans Pita) with your preferred filling, tzatziki sauce, and fresh herbs.  If you are feeling really decadent, be sure to try the Mousakka, which is a classic Greek dish made with layers of eggplant, zucchini, potatoes, beef, lamb, and topped with bechamel sauce.

Yes, you can enjoy a glass of wine with your meal at Thasos Greek Island Grille, and little ones under 10 years of age can get a meal deal for just $4.00.  Not too bad if you ask me.

If you are planning on venturing to the Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach this summer, you will be in for a treat as Thasos Greek Island Grille is serving many of their specialties right inside the fair.  The restaurant chain also has a variety of locations around Orange County.

So if you love Greek food (like me) and want a fresh meal that can be customized to YOUR liking, check out Thasos Greek Island Grille.  Don't forget to try the Dolmas!

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