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Get a never before driven Neon for a mere $1,350

Dusty mystery cars....
Dusty mystery cars....

Who knows from whence they came, your guess is as good as mine! About 150, 1997, Neons were uncovered in a Singapore storage facility and advertised as new, on a popular foreign marketplace site Wednesday. The right-sided vehicles had zero miles on their odometers and folks are scratching their heads as to their origin.

No one knows how the vehicles got to the warehouse, or who placed them there nearly 14 years ago. The cars are currently being sold by a company called Arete Trading Pte Ltd. The mysterious cars which are so layered in dust that you can barely see through the windows, or in some cases, tell what the color of their exrerior paint is, are all sans stereo systems but come equipped with a spare tire.

The Neon, although a Dodge or Plymouth brand as we know it, was actually sold as a Chrysler vehicle in right-handed drive markets.

The secret stash, never before driven lot of cars are each selling for a mere $1,350. The foreign trading company that is selling the vehicles is offering no other information about the stripped-down Neons. Interested Neon buyers are not even receiving any information about color selection.

In case you're interested, the Neons are being sold on the online Asian marketplace,

Perhaps I should have saved this mystery story for Halloween. Creepy....

--Car Chick

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