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Get a lush lawn by watering the proper way: Say goodbye to those brown patches

Having a green lush lawn is what every homeowner wishes for when the weather gets warm. Spring and summer months the grass needs to be manicured more than another other time of the year depending upon the area you reside in.

Say goodbye to those brown patches
Home and Living Examiner / Beverly Mucha

Knowing how to water your lawn is important. When you don’t do it the right way more often than not your turf will suffer many bald and brown spots which makes the lawn unattractive.

Many people feel that a light sprinkling of water every few days is sufficient to keep the grass green and healthy. This is not so. The secret is to apply the water so it seeps deeply into the soil.

The first time you go out to water the grass, use an even flow of water from a sprinkler head on the lawn hose. Water the grass slowly until the ground is moistened at least six to eight inches deep below the surface of the grass. Then check the lawn daily to see how much water has evaporated. It is advisable to water again once the top portion of the ground has dried only two inches deep.

By only allowing two inches of moisture to escape before the next watering is needed will ensure that the roots remain deep and each individual grass blade will survive a lot longer. To check and see if it is time to apply another watering to your lawn walk over the lawn to see if the ground springs back when it is stepped on. You can also use aerating lawn shoes to do the same thing in a few choice areas before giving the grass another needed drink of water.

The grass doesn’t have to be greener on the other side of the street if you water properly!

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