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Get a grip on things in the kitchen: The universal easy gripper opener

Everyone needs a helping hand every now and again when they are working in the kitchen. Sometimes it isn’t easy to get a grip on things especially when you are rushed or have wet hands.

The universal easy gripper opener
Home & Living Examiner / Beverly Mucha

There is a universal easy gripper that works wonders on opening jar lids. It is a simple product made of rubber and is quite thin. All you have to do is lay it over the jar that you want to open and it gives just the right amount of aid to get any jar opened without having to wait for the man of the house to open it for you.

This tool has been in our kitchen for more years than we need to reveal. It is an amazingly effective little gadget and a must-have little tool for every kitchen. It doesn’t take up any room and it is great for other things besides opening a lid that is too tight to grip with your hands alone.

This little gripper is perfect when you need to change a light bulb that just burned out. The bulb is hot and instead of waiting for it to cool down enough to touch it with your hands to remove it from the socket to place a new bulb in just grab the gripper and you don’t have to wait for the light to go back on.

Sometimes you have a small do-it-yourself job that is easy to do but for some reason you can’t get enough pressure on the tool you are working with. Wrap this little rubber gripper over say a screw driver handle and you will be able to keep the tool steady to remove or replace a screw without having the handle spin in your hands wasting precious time or frustrating you.

If you have a few of these around the house you can use them as a coaster under potted plants or some precious décor items on tables or a shelf. This comes in handy especially if you have pets such as a cat. Cats tend to do their own thing when you aren’t watching and that special piece made of glass, crystal or porcelain you have had for years won’t easily slip off, fall and break if the cat happens to rub against it.

Another great use for this gripper is to place it under your cutting board. So many times you try to slice meat, breads or vegetables and it seems no matter how careful you are that cutting board seems to have a mind of its own and starts to slide on the countertop. Having a gripper or two under the cutting board prevents it from moving out of place and allows you to cut, chop or dice what you need to without having to readjust the position of the board you are cutting on.

Just think of elderly people, those with arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome or any other disability that can affect the muscles in the hands and wrists. Anyone who has some of these ailments or conditions does have trouble gripping since their condition affects their major and minor motor skills depending upon how severe they are suffering. With one of these grippers handy it takes the pain out of everyday chores that we know are simple but have become so difficult to do at one point in our lives.

Get a grip and keep a universal easy gripper handy in your home!

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