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Get a grip on the grape




Saddle up gents, Style School is back in. A truly stylish man needs to know his wines because whether you’re hosting a party, going to one, or toasting a first date, chances are that wine will be involved. And no, I don’t mean skimming the wine aisle at the local grocery store, I’m talking about knowing the different Reds, Whites and Blushes and the like. WineStyles Perimeter in Dunwoody is your safe haven.

This is not your typical “Wine Bar” and it’s not a 4,000 plus bottle warehouse of wines. It’s intimate – having only about 200 bottles on hand – and it’s not that commercial, as many of the labels aren’t going to be found in liquor or grocery stores. And their approach to wine is unique. Instead of stocking all the reds in one place and the whites in another, they categorize the wines by “style.” Rich, Silky, Mellow and Bubbly are just a few of the descriptive categories. Who knew that a Cabernet and a Zinfandel could be lumped together? The awesome and extremely competent staff at WineStyles.

Steve and Evelyne Mousted and their staff are on hand to answer questions about what matters to you about wine. Any question you can think of, they’ve been asked and answered. Everything from the year/vintage of the bottle to the region of the grapes – and they’ve got a chef on staff to offer cooking and serving advice. All in a quiet, comfy space with ambient music and a relaxed atmosphere. You can even order light appetizers to liven your palate and help you create your own hors d’oeuvre ideas.

So, Stylish Men, raise your glasses. Here’s to you, the informed wine consumers, all thanks to WineStyles!

WineStyles Perimeter is located at 4511 Old Perimeter Way #300, (770)393-1110; Check the website for wine tastings and stylish events at
Happy Hour is Monday thru Friday from 4pm-6pm


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