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Get a Free Promotional Day of Judgement Card with Reservation of Zendikar

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At participating stores, Wizards of the Coast is sending a promotional version of the card, Day of Judgement (seen right), with a preorder of a box of the new set, Zendikar.  The set is scheduled to be released on October 2nd, 2009. 

With the release of this set, there will be 249 completely new cards announced which will all be available for play in all formats.  Zendikar also unveils a brand new game mechanic called Landfall.  Landfall is a new powerful tool that triggers activated abilities on cards with the new game mechanic whenever an additional land is played. 

As with every new expansion, the standard format will be completely changed.  In standard, the Lorwyn and Shadowmoor blocks will now be banned in all standard  formats.