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Get a free gym membership and a different kind of workout partner

Adopt a dog and get a free membership at the Gold's Gym/Operation Kindess Howl-Oween pet adoption.
Adopt a dog and get a free membership at the Gold's Gym/Operation Kindess Howl-Oween pet adoption.

Halloween is synonymous with parties, candy, and costumes—but certainly not fitness. What if instead of gorging yourself with candy this weekend you went out and not only got a head-start on those fitness goals you have been meaning to achieve, but found yourself a new friend to help you do so?

Gold’s Gym is making Halloween all about fitness this year with a special “Howl-Oween” pet adoption and donation drive at the Preston Center location in Dallas, teaming up with the largest non-profit, no-kill animal shelter in North Texas, Operation Kindness. Being lazy is easy, especially when you think you have no real reason to get up off the couch and be active—but when there’s a little dog looking up at you, begging to be walked and played with, you no longer have an excuse. Gold’s Gym is hosting this special adoption event because they know that pets not only make great companions, but they help with maintaining fitness level. Walking a dog for one hour will result in an average 252 calorie burn in men, and 190 in women.

Instead of making Halloween the beginning of your two month slide down a slippery slope of holiday eating, do something that will benefit yourself and a dog that otherwise may end up on a euthanasia list. Need more motivation? Gold’s will be giving away complimentary 6-month memberships to everyone who adopts a pet this weekend. Can’t adopt a dog or already have one? You too can benefit—Gold’s Gym will be giving 2-week VIP passes to those who simply donate items to Operation Kindness, such as paper towels, plush toys, bleach, and dust-free kitty litter.

Come to Gold’s Gym Preston Center, located at 8335 Westchester Drive this Saturday, October 30th, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and meet the adoptable dogs, all of which will be fully clothed in their finest Halloween attire. Once you take this step to help a dog and yourself, either by adopting or donating to the organization, neither one of you will regret it.

For more information about the nation’s leading fitness authority, Gold’s Gym or their pet adoption this weekend, visit their website or call Gold's Gym Preston Center at 214-265-0053. To get involved with Operation Kindness, peruse their list of adoptable pets, or find out more information about the organization, visit their website.